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SINGLE CBRS SMALL CELL - Benefit greatly with improved coverage and signal strength

Ideal for boosting indoor CBRS coverage for Residential and Enterprise users, the SFE3160S helps to offload heavy data traffic happening to the core network for Mobile Operators.

Users, in general, benefit greatly with improved coverage and signal strength, as indoor CBRS have a base station inside their premises. In relatively close proximity to the Small Cell, the mobile phone uses significantly less power to communicate with the Small Cell, saving battery power.


Small Cell Mode

  • Band: LTE TDD B48
  • Antenna: 2 x Internal Omni Antennas
  • Diversity: 2T x 2R MIMO
  • LTE-Uu: 3GPP R10
  • S1: 3GPP R11
  • X2: 3GPP R11
  • O&M: BF TR-069, TR-181, TR-196v2
  • Active Users: up to 64 users
  • VoLTE & ViLTE


  • Networking: IPSec Tunnel
  • OTA: LTE SNOW/AES Encryption Engines
  • Secure Boot: Qualcomm TPM


  • Small to Macro: Intra-LTE Hand-out (over S1/X2), Inter-RAT; Hand-out to UMTS or GSM
  • Small to Small: Intra-LTE Handover, Secure X2 Handover w/o SecGW
  • Macro to Small: Intra-LTE Hand-in, Inter-RAT Hand-in from UMTS or GSM


  • Dimensions (W/H/D; mm): 220 x 203 x 38
  • Power Consumption: < 24W
  • LED: Power, Status, Service
  • I/O Port: 1 x WAN & 1 x LAN GE RJ-45 Ports
  • Operation Temperature: 0º C – 40º C
  • Installation: Stand/Wall Mount