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Ngày đăng: 01/07/2022

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ASKEY’s SCE1000 is an ideal, leading, and field-proven enterprise indoor solution that supports strong 5G performance in the mmWave spectrum.

This super and compact small cell has integrated baseband, radio and antenna into a single product, which helps break installation barriers. It consists of an integrated Massive MIMO antenna array of 64×64 to offer wide coverage, meanwhile supporting up to 400 MHz channel bandwidth. These features make it provide Gbps data throughput, low latency and definitely be suitable for various scenarios, such as smart buildings, factories, hospitals, shopping malls, elevators, etc.


Band5G: n261/n257


Max. 400MHz

Max. TX Power

5G: Total EIRP 43dBm


5G: 64 dual pol antennas arrayLED: 4 LEDs

Backhaul: 2.5G WAN/ 10G SFP+

Power Supply: 12V

Power Consumption: <70 W

Active Users: 32

Data Rates: 1.2Gbps/200 Mbps

Installation: Wall/Ceiling mount

IP Grade: IP50


W250 x H250 x D80 mm


<3 kgs


Operating Temperature: -5℃ ~ 40℃

Operating Humidity: 90% maximum, non-condensing

Operations and Maintenance

Fault Management

Configuration Management

Performance Management

Security Management

Software Upgrade


NSA Option 3x

3GPP Release 15

Self-Organizing Networks

S1 Automatic Discovery and Configuration

Automatic PCI Selection

Automatic Neighbor Relation (ANR)


S1/X2 handover

Earthquake & Tsunami Warning System (ETWS) & Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS)

Measurement Report