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Ngày đăng: 30/06/2022

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Founded in September 2003, as a spin-off from the D-Link Corporation, Alpha Networks Inc. offers customers nearly 30 years of experience in the networking industry. Alpha possesses highly capable design, manufacturing, and service resources in networking products and offers a complete portfolio of off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Since its inception, Alpha Networks has enjoyed consistent, strong growth and successfully built its reputation by delivering comprehensive product portfolios that deploy a variety of mature and cutting edge technologies. Additionally, by leveraging market intelligence and global experience derived from solid partnerships with first-tier brand name companies, Alpha Networks has proved itself capable of developing design and manufacturing expertise that often push the boundaries of innovation and have helped to elevate Alpha Networks to a position of global leadership in the networking industry.


•79GHz Universal Parking-Assistant BSD Radar System (ADS-AL09)

• Parking-Assistant solution for safe driving

• Radar installed on the bumper. No need to drill holes through the bumper

• Easy installation with no damage to the surface

• Better stability and longer detection distance than ultrasonic radar

• In the R (reverse) gear, a warning signal is sounded to indicate the distance of an object. The warning signal becomes louder when the object moves closer.