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Sàn giao dịch công nghệ; chợ công nghệ; chuyển giao công nghệ; thanh lý máy móc; dây chuyền công nghệ; hội chợ công nghệ

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The Inventec D3352

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Product Overview

The Inventec D3352 is a 1 GbE Switch with 10 GbE uplinks designed for Data centers, Enterprises as well as Service Provider network deployments.

The switch can be deployed in large scale layer 2 and layer 3 networks. Virtualized, overlay and traditional Data center networks are fully supported.

Today’s applications require networks to be Agile, Scalable, Flexible, Reliable, Programmable and Open.

The D3352 standalone switch presents an open architecture that offers 48 ports 1 GbE RJ45 with 4x10 G SFP+ uplinks.

The SDN switch supports line rate L2/L3 forwarding, network virtualization, QoS and zero touch provisioning.

The D3352 offers customers a compelling choice of a new networking ASIC with a Quad core 64 bit Atom based x86 processor.

Switch Architecture Support for Open Network Ecosystems

The Inventec D3352 is an open switch that supports multiple Network Operating Systems (NOS). Today the switch ships as bare metal but can be integrated with Inventec In-OS or a third party NOS. The switch is SDN enabled. Full ONIE support assures network operators of seamless integration into today’s open network environments.

High Performance, Scalable and Flexible

The Inventec D3352 performance switch allows wire rate of 66 M packets per second with a low cut-through mode latency, 4 MB on-chip buffer memory and dynamic buffer management. The switch offers scalability by supporting quad core atom X86 control processor with upto 16 GB of DDR3 memory.

The switch is flexible and supports different cabling option as per customer needs. AOC (Active Optical Cabling) and pluggable transceiver optics of different length of fiber connections are supported.

The allocated space within the forwarding table is also flexible and can accommodate varying sizes of MAC addresses, Layer 3 host routes and Longest Prefix Match table entries.

Agile and Highly Programmable

The switch is programmable and supports RESTful API interface. It allows for automatic provisioning and configuration with Puppet, Chef. Zero touch provisioning is also available.

With orchestration tool integration, the switch enables automation and provisioning of L2 and L3 services in the data center.

Rich Feature Set

The switch has a rich L2/L3 feature set to address the increase in datacenter network deployments and distributed computing applications. For cloud networking, it includes large L2/L3 switching & forwarding capacity and supports numerous multi-pathing and tunneling technologies and datacenter features like ECMP, VXLAN and NVGRE. These overlays allow for network agility since the network operators do not have to modify the physical switch devices in case a user VM moves from one rack to another within the datacenter.

Available and Reliable Design

The switch is datacenter optimized with power and fan redundancy. It has a backup SPI boot flash that will activate for boot recovery if primary flash is corrupted.


• Datacenter ToR Switch

• Service Provider Access Switch

• Enterprise Switch

In Summary

Overall performance, feature-richness, high availability, programmability, port-density, and line-rate switching capability makes the D3352 an excellent choice for next generation datacenters. This also makes the D3352 well suited for use as a general purpose switch in Enterprises and Service Provider networks


Product Highlights


• 66 M P ackets per Second

• 88 Gbps per S econd Throughput

• Line R ate L2/L3 Forwarding

• 4 MB P acket Buffer

• 48 x1 GbE RJ45 and 4x10 G SFP+


• 32768 M AC Entries

• 16 K IP v4 Host Routes

• 16 K IP v4 Routes

• 4 K VLANs

Control Plane


- 1.6 GH z x86 Quad-Core Atom

   › 8 GB DDR3

- 8 MB SPI B oot Flash with backup

High Availability

• 1 + 1 Hot -Swappable & Redundant Power Supply

• 2 x SPI F lash Supports Boot Recovery

• 1 + 1 Hot -Swappable & Redundant Fans

• ECMP Gr oups : 256

• ECMP M embers per group: 64

• 802.3 ad link agg regation

- 128 trunk groups

- 8 members per group

Flexible Storage

• 8-128GB SSD f or Mass Storage

• 1 x USB P ort for External Storage

Programmability and Software Support

• Inventec IN-OS or third party NOS


• Open S ource Software Provided as RPM

• Chef and P uppet Client Integration

• Zero Touch Provisioning

• Bash Shell

Inventec Corporation