Sàn giao dịch công nghệ; chợ công nghệ; chuyển giao công nghệ; thanh lý máy móc; dây chuyền công nghệ; hội chợ công nghệ

Sàn giao dịch công nghệ; chợ công nghệ; chuyển giao công nghệ; thanh lý máy móc; dây chuyền công nghệ; hội chợ công nghệ

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HC Seris Hàn Columm & Boom

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■ Performance and Structural Features

● The operation machine is used for flat welding, butt welding seam and internal and external lomgitudinal welding seam of cylindrical body and it can be fitted with rotator for welding seam of internal and external circular welding seam, If it is fitted with positione, differdnt types can be made for different places of welding.

● Main body box type welding structure is treated by stress after welding and fine machining shall be made. The guide surface adopts precision grinding processing or ensure the sophistication and smooth running.

● The percision grinding rack is installed on crossbeam to guarantee its flexibility, and free expansion and contraction.

● The crossbeam's expansion adopts AC frequency control of motor speed and the constant torque output the start and the stop are very rapid.

● The raise and lifting of crossbeam adopt the constant speed type, thus its lifting is smooth, safe and reliable.

● The travel of trolley has two types as manual and electrical-driven. The former is applicable to light duty and those operation machines with small moving range. While the electrical-driven mode is good for heavy duty and those operation machines with large moving range.

● The turning supporter of column adopts German HRS technology, which has high precision gear with such advantages as flexible rotation, safety and reliability.

● The heavy duty machine is fitted with operation platform, which is easy for operation and regulation.

● The manual control box may realize the remote control.

■ Technical Parameter
Specification HC2020 HC3040 HC4060 HC7070
Vertical lifting stroke 2000mm 3000mm 4000mm 7000mm
Horzontal expansion or contraction stroke 2000mm 4000mm 6000mm 7000mm
Turning angle of machine seat Manual ±360° ±180° ±180° ±180°
Crossbeam's lifting speed 0.5m/min 0.5m/min 0.8m/min 0.8m/min
Crossbeam's feeding speed 0.12-1.2m/min 0.12-1.2m/min 0.12-1.2m/min 0.12-1.2m/min
Trolley's forward and reversing speed Manual 3m/min 3m/min 3m/min
Applicable diameter if cylindrical body Φ500-2000mm Φ700-3000mm Φ700-4000mm Φ700-7000mm

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